What are fiberglass reinforced panels

Flexible panels composed of tough polyester resin bonded with fiberglass are known as FRP interior liner panels. These are a great choice for cladding the walls and ceilings of commercial and industrial facilities because of their superb surface texture and high durability.


An FRP system is composed of fiberglass-reinforced panels and moldings that create a continuous surface. The following are some of the characteristics of these panels:

  • They are resistant, flexible, and lightweight.
  • They offer the highest level of hygienic protection.
  • One of the advantages is its higher resistance to chemicals and impacts.
  • They are robust and scratch-resistant.
  • Rust or mildew growth is very unlikely.
  • Application of adhesives or fasteners.
  • High-pressure washers, chemicals, or even steam can easily clean them.

These panels come in diameters of 4 feet wide and in lengths that are typically 8, 9, 10 and 12 feet. They weigh 12 ounces per square foot and are 0.09 inches thick.


FRP's work well for:

  • Hospital rooms, cooling towers, parks, clinics, schools, toilets, offices, and other commercial buildings.
  • For use in bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, etc. of residential buildings.
  • To repair or replace ceiling and wall surfaces.